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•Multi-Use Temperature Data Loggers

Marathon's family of electronic data loggers have been designed to offer different models for varying applications. They range from the most exacting requirements such as laboratories who require NIST certification and calibration, to everyday use such as a temperature monitoring for refrigeration of perishable products. All data loggers use an internal thermistor for measuring temperature and share the same basic palm-sized or smaller design.

RF Wireless Recorders
  Wireless Temperature Data Loggers Collect, monitor and manage temperature data via wireless communication in real time. -40°C to +72°C or -80°C to +30°C.
Wireless Temperature Data Loggers

Ethernet & WiFi Recorders
edl-NET Our WiFi products let you leverage your existing WiFi network with the built-in WiFi b/g/n connectivity and avoid expensive installation costs for managing temperature data. Temperature range options of -40°C to +72°C (-40°F to +160°F) or -80°C to +30°C (-112°F to +86°F).
Wireless Temperature Data Loggers
General Purpose
2c/temp, 3c/temp, echo

Our most popular and economical models. Includes waterproof, humidity and USB models.
Perfect for -29°C to +72°C shipments.

LCD-Digital Display
LCD-Digital Display

Liquid Crystal Display models for on-the-spot readings. -40°C to +72°C.

Low Temperature
edl, edl jr.

Perfect for ice cream and cold phase change refrigerants. -40°C to +72°C.

Temperature & Humidity

The 2C\TEMP-RH is a reliable and cost-effective waterproof digital temperature and humidity recorder for all industrial and commercial applications. Enjoy real-time viewing of -29°C to +72°C temperatures and 0% to 100% humidity information with USB connectivity.

Vibration Monitoring

The new EDL-XYZ monitors temperatures from -29°C and up to +72°C and relative humidity from 0 to100%,, plus a 3-D accelerometer.

High Temperature

EZ-loggerThe EDL-RTD2 has one sensor for ambient temperature ranges of 29°C TO +72°C inside the case, and one external probe that monitors temperatures from -29°C (-20°F) up to +380°C (+716°F) for applications such as warmers, incubators and ovens.

Dry Ice Applications

The most popular dry ice range data logger on the market, which operates without a probe down to -80°C and up to +30°C.


Monitor and validate your critical stem cells and biologics during transportation and storage with the Marathon microDL-200 or EDL-LN2. Document your liquid nitrogen stored products for your GxP and FDA-regulated environment. Temperature range from -200°C to +72°C.

Software & Accessories

This section contains the necessary software selections for our temperature data loggers, plus find interfaces and probes.

LoggerPulse Temperature Plot

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