Who we are…

Manufacturer and global supplier
of temperature data-collecting
devices used for documenting
products throughout the cold
chain. ISO 9001:2008 certified.


Cold Chain Solutions

Don't Ship without Us!®

•Validated Packaging and Security Container Seals

Marathon Products Inc. Validated Insulated Shipping

Deep Chill Boxes

Validated Insulated Shipping Containers for the Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industries.

  • Extend shipping times
  • Expand to global markets
  • Reduce dry ice and gel pack requirements
  • Reduce package weight and size


Marathon Products Inc. Validated Insulated Shipping

Ex-Temp Boxes

High Performance Cooling System To Meet The  Needs of The Most Demanding Transportation Requirements for Temperature Sensitive Products.


Ex-Temp© Insulated Shippers are the best cold chain shipping and storage containers that are more reliable, durable and cost-effective than traditional disposable cold packaging.

They will protect highly-temperature sensitive shipments from moderate and extreme ambient temperature exposure on long-range journeys.


OneSeal Security Bolt

OneSeal 79-T06

Security Seals for Transportation, Container Shipments, Bolt Seals—ISO/PAS 17712

The Flexible High Security Container seal with anti-spin feature. The patented flexible design provides a high degree of flexibility to fit on any container, truck or trailer door hasp. The patented anti-spin feature ensures that the pin with its 4 "fins" as part of the locking mechanism prevents friction attacks.

   rev. Nov-11-2014