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Manufacturer and global supplier
of temperature data-collecting
devices used for documenting
products throughout the cold
chain. ISO 9001:2008 certified.


Cold Chain Solutions

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•Software & Accessories

Marathon Products offers software and interface products in support of their data logger products.
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  • 21CFR DB, LE, Viewer Software
    Marathon Software for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries that are compliant with the 21 CFR Part 11 regulations.

  • Marathon LoggerPulse
    Our enterprise software is the ideal solution for managing and analyzing data from multiple data loggers from multiple locations. NO LIMITS – Any location. Any time. Any users.

  • MaxiThermal
    Maxi-Thermal Software for use with USB Temperature Data Logger models: 2C\TEMP-RH, 2c\temp-USB, edl-USB and c\temp-USB.

  • MaxiThermal WiFi
    Maxi-Thermal Software for use with the EDL-8 Channel.

  • MDAS
    Marathon Data Analysis Software for use with Multiple-use Temperature Data Logger models: 2c\temp, 3c\temp, echo, edl, edl-jr., edl-co2, and the microDL family.

  • edl-RF Software
    Marathon Software for our Wireless Data Loggers: EDL-RF & EDL-M5, EDL-WiFi, and Ethernet Data Logger: EDL-Net.

  • c\temp Software
    Marathon c\temp Software has all the specifications of the MDAS-PRO software, except that it is READ-ONLY. It cannot be used for re-programming our multiple-use data loggers.

  • Interfaces & Accessories
    Cables, RF Module, Waterproof container.

  • Probe Specifications
    Specifications for probes available for use with Temperature Data Loggers models.

   rev. Dec-3-2014