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Manufacturer and global supplier
of temperature data-collecting
devices used for documenting
products throughout the cold
chain. ISO 9001:2008 certified.


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•Vibration Data Loggers

Marathon Products Inc. EDL-XYZ, vibration, temperature and RH data logger


Vibration Data Recorder with Temperature and RH Sensors

The EDL-XYZ multi-use data logger can be used to monitor fragile goods during shipment. It contains a temperature sensor, a high-accuracy humidity sensor and a 3-D accelerometer.
The EDL•XYZ provides real-time viewing of -29°C to +72°C temperatures, 0% to 100% humidity and a 3-D accelerometer measurements.


Marathon Products Inc. EDL-8 Channel WiFi Data Logger

EDL-8 Channel WiFi

EDL-8 WiFi - New Wireless and Network enabled 8 Channel Data Logger.

The most accurate multi-sensor graphical data logger on the market. The EDL-8 WiFi has eight channels with three types of NIST traceable interchangeable sensors. Each sensor is calibrated for both temperature and humidity by the sensor manufacturer.

   rev. Nov-11-2014