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•Cryogenic Storage Solutions

cx 500, cx 100

Taylor-Wharton Liquid Nitrogen Storage Containers


  • Light aluminium container with compound materials in the neck range
  • Low evaporation rate
  • Superinsolation foil in the vacuum space
  • Low on weight
  • The liquid nitrogen is absorbed in a porous substance
  • No risk of spilling liquid nitrogen
  • The samples are preserved in gaseous phase


cryogenic storage containers

Custom Biogenic Systems
Liquid Nitrogen Storage Containers


  • Durable lightweight aluminum construction
  • Long Nitrogen Holding Times
  • High strength neck tube reduces liquid nitrogen loss
  • Large Neck Opening  for easy access to store or retrieve samples
  • Lockable Easy maintenance lid design
  • Advanced Chemical Vacuum Retention System - designed for superior vacuum performance
  • Spider design - for easy retrieval and insertion of product canisters
  • The advanced insulation system provides maximum thermal performance
  • 3 year vacuum warranty
  • Square racks with boxes and dividers
  • Multiple sizes - 20 liters to 175 liters
  • Vial capacities of 210 to 6,000
microDL-200C with Flexprobe


The perfect companion for shipping temperature-sensitive biological materials.

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