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•Low Temperature Data Loggers

edl & edljr

These data loggers are perfect for laboratory use or for monitoring temperatures down to -40C (-40F) without a probe.

Both units use thermistor technology for measuring temperature and share the same basic palm-sized design.

The edl-jr is the work horse of our product line with a full 8k memory and the ability to measure down to -40C. A favorite in the pharmaceutical and transportation industries.

The edl is our top of the line data logger with 32k memory, 0.1C accuracy and resolution. This is a must have device if you work in a laboratory or metrology department.

The edl-USB is a laboratory grade data logger for documenting and recording temperature history. With a robust 64k of memory and 0.1C accuracy and resolution, you don't want to be without this data logger in your laboratory or metrology department.

All models can use optional external probes, but are not required.

Are you looking for our single-use data loggers?

Memory Accuracy Operating Range Battery Life Warranty Price
edl-USB  64K  0.1°C  -40°C to +72°C 36 months  12 months  Call
edl  32K  0.1°C  -40°C to +72°C 24 months  12 months  Call
edl jr.  8K  0.2°C  -40°C to +72°C  12 months  12 months  Call


The internal software of the data loggers provide features for controlling and querying its status. These functions include start, stop, elapsed time as well as customizable time intervals. Also available: user descriptions for initialization and for downloading the data; high and low alarm values, recording status, real time measurement display as well as much more.

Visual Alarms

All our data loggers have the ability to program alarm limits. Should the temperature reach levels outside these limits, the onboard red LED will light until reset by the user.

Computer Ready

For the products above, our proprietary USB/Serial cable is needed to download temperature information to a computer. Marathon's easy-to-use software is available for Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8..

For more information:

Download a PDF of the edl & edl-jr Product Brief.

Download a PDF of the edl-USB Product Brief.

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