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•Cryogenic Temperature Logging System

2c\temp-RH temperature data logger
EDL-LN2 Cryogenic Temperature
Data Logger


The EDL-LN2 has one sensor for ambient range temperatures inside the case, and one external probe that monitors cryogenic temperatures from -200°C (-328°F) to +72°C (+162°F) for applications such as cryo-storage, freezers, refrigerators and incubators.


Certified Safe ShippingThese high-precision laboratory-grade products will operate up to 1 year without a battery change. The LCD lets you view current and stored data, prior to downloading to a computer. In conjunction with our Maxithermal software, you can document your liquid nitrogen stored products for your GxP and FDA regulated environment.

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probe options

External Probe

mounting bracket animation for EDL-LN2

Optional slide-in mounting bracket.


EDL-LN2 Data Sheet   Dual Sensor Cryogenic Temperature Data Logger
Call for Pricing   Required Accessories:
MaxiThermal software
NIST Certificate = no charge
NIST Certificate + 1, 2 or 3 Point Calibration Available
Mounting bracket
Internal Temperature Sensor   Wired chip in glass thermistor
    Operating Range   -29°C to +72°C / -20°F to +162°F
    Accuracy (NIST traceable)  
±0.2°C at 2° to 10°C / ±2.0°C at extremes / 0.36°F at 32° to 50°F / 3.6°F at extremes
External Probe   Stainless Steel Tip =12 cm / 4.72 in.; Flexible Teflon-coated Cable = 51 cm / 20 in.
    Operating Range   -200°C to +72°C / -328°F to +162°F
    Accuracy (NIST traceable)  
±0.2°C at 0° to 30°C / ±2.0°C at extremes / 0.36°F at 32° to 86°F / 3.6°F at extremes
Memory EEPROM, Storage   64k memory, enabling a corresponding number of approximately 64,000 measurements.
Measurement Intervals   Programmable from 2 seconds per reading. For example:
4 days = 0 min. 06 sec.
7 days = 0 min. 10 sec.
16 days = 0 min. 22 sec.
30 days = 0 min. 40 sec.
60 days = 1 min. 20 sec.
90 days = 1 min. 59 sec.
365 days = 8 min. 02 sec.
Computer Interface   USB port
Power Source   One 3.0 Volt Lithium coin cell battery with 1 year operating life, 3 years shelf life.
Size   9.0 cm(l) x 5.0 cm(w) x 2.8 cm (h) / 3.5 in.(l) x 1.96 in (w) x .1.1 in.(h)
Weight   95 grams / 3.3 oz.
CE Certified   Yes
Waterproof   Yes
MaxiThermal Software   MaxiThermal software is not 21CFR Part 11 compliant
click here for 21CFR Part 11 Compliant Software
Software Highlights   Report Summary & Statistics
File Manager
Note Attachment
Elapsed Time view or Date/Time Recorded view
Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin display
3D view option
Warranty   3 Months

For more information:

Download a PDF of the EDL-LN2 Product Brief.
Download a PDF of the MaxiThermal Quick Start Guide.

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