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•Ethernet & WiFi Temperature Data Loggers

edl 8 channel ethernet and wifi data logger for temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide (CO2)

EDL-8 WiFi - New Wireless and Network enabled 8 Channel Data Logger.

The most accurate multi-sensor graphical data logger on the market. The EDL-8 WiFi has eight channels with three types of NIST traceable interchangeable sensors. Each sensor is calibrated for both temperature and humidity by the sensor manufacturer.

  • Temperature Sensor: RTD -200°C to +380°C, accuracy ±0.2°C at center.
  • Relative Humidity Sensor: Capacitive humidity readings 0% RH to 100% RH.
  • CO2 Sensor: Designed to measure percentage of carbon dioxide up to 30%. It is useful for biological or scientific applications where high levels of CO2 must be maintained in an enclosed apparatus.
  • Vibration: COMING SOON.

Ethernet and WiFi capability

EDL-8 WiFi can be monitored remotely via Ethernet connectivity or via a WiFi network. The device also connects directly to the computer via a USB port.

Statistics and mathematical functions

In addition to temperature, humidity, pH and CO2 levels, the compact state-of-the-art device calculates minimum- maximum-time over alarm conditions and much more. Simply push the mode button and the channel selection.

Alarms and battery backup

Alarm settings can be set up quickly in the MaxiThermal WiFi software based on temperature, RH, and level of CO2. Alarms are both visual flashing display and red flashing LED. Likewise, alarm settings can be set up to trigger email notifications. In the event of a power outage, the internal lithium ion battery (when fully charged and when the backlight is not on) will continue to record data for approximately 24 hours.

Large, easy-to-read display

Now view data remotely for all your locations from your desk. The EDL-8 WiFi is the ideal instrument for documenting, controlling, and managing critical environmental conditions graphically, statistically and in real time. Up to sixteen different display set-ups can be stored and recalled at the touch of a singe button. You can easily modify this to get exactly what you want. View high/ low data and all alarm conditions in real time from the Dashboard for all your remote locations.

CLICK HERE to see the Maxi-Thermal WiFi software highlights.

EDL-8 WiFi Network Temperature Logger Specifications
The Manufacturer Reserves the Right to Change Specifications Without Prior Notice
Microcontroller:   32 bit flash microcontroller cortex M3
Digital Sensor Options:   Temperature, Humidity, CO2, pH
     Temperature Range -200°C to +380°C (-328°F to 716°F)
     Temperature Accuracy   .2°C at center.; 2.0°C at extremes (0.36°F at center; 3.6°F at extremes)
     Temperature Resolution 0.1°C / .18°F
     Humidity   +/–2% to 70% RH
     CO2 Up to 30%
     pH   1.0 to 14.0
Memory   64k per channel,
1MB flash memory for data storage
Recording rate (sec):   Set by user
Update data rate (records):   Set by user
Alarm Modes:   Display (flashing) and red LED (flashing)
Alarm Notifications:   Alert notification to e-mail, phone, pager and SMS
Alarm Programming:   High and low alarm limits set by temperature and time
Interface:   RJ9 interface for 5 RTD sensors,
Mini USB-B 12C interface for 3 probes
Power Source:   AC/DC power jack
Li-polymer 3.6V-2Ah battery for data logging function.
Battery backup—Failsafe prevents data loss
PC Software:   MaxiThermal WiFi
Accessories:   Optional flat cable probes up to 30 meters.
Unit dimensions:   12.5 cm x 7.29 cm x 2.95. cm / 4.9 in. x 2.87 in. x 1.16 in. Weight: 8 oz. / 230 grams
Display dimensions:   Graphic dot matrix LCD 128x86, viewing area: 60 x 40 mm
Certifications:   CE Marking

For more information:

Download a PDF of the edl-8 WiFi Product Brief.
Download a PDF of the edl-8 WiFi Quick Start Guide.

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Note: Actual performance of the edl-WiFi system varies in each environment. Marathon strongly recommends the evaluation of the product in the actual environment of the application. Marathon publishes specifications typically experienced by our customer instead of publishing theoretical performance characteristics.

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