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•ISO PAS 17712 US Customs Compliant Security Seals


OneSeal Security Seals for Container Shipments

The Flexible High Security Container seal with anti-spin feature. The patented flexible design provides a high degree of flexibility to fit on any container, truck or trailer door hasp. The patented anti-spin feature ensures that the pin with its 4 "fins" as part of the locking mechanism prevents friction attacks.

The Pin

ONESEAL flexible type 79-T06 pin is made of metal. The rod of the seal has a 5mm soft wire embedded­, making it flexible and resistible to any harsh tool. The pin is coated with plastic and marked with an "H" indicating High Security Seal.

The Cylinder

The cylinder is made of metal with a non-flammable PC shock proof plastic cover. Standard colours are red, white,blue, green and yellow.

Laser Engraving

Company logo/name will be engraved on the cylinder by use of high technology laser engraving that prevents tampering. All seals are engraved with a consecutive unique numbering. Bar coding can also be applied.


Seals are approved by Customs authorities world wide including US Customs, HM Customs, German and Taiwan Customs.

ISO / PAS 17712

The seal is in compliance with ISO / PAS 17712 as a High Security Seal and is C-TPAT compliant.
Seals can only be removed by a bolt cutter.


Please call 1-800-858-6872 for pricing

OneSeal Container Seal  
OneSeal is a container seal that allows you to send out your shipping containers with full security. These single-use seals help prevent pilferage by making tampering readily apparent.

The core of the seal is made of metal. The core has a diameter of 18mm (0.7") which makes it impossible to knock the seal through the fittings of the container. The core is cast into a shock proof plastic material. The exterior diameter of the lock is 19mm (0.8").
  Construction of OneSeal Container Seal
Serial Number of Oneseal Seal  
Name and Number
The OneSeal name will be stamped in dark blue print on one side of the cylinder (maximum 9 letters), and a consecutive 6 or 7 digit number on the other side. Bar coding and unique company logos can also be engraved by special laser technique at an additional charge.

The locking bar and the cylinder are easily locked by a slight pressure by the hand and a distinct click is heard.
  Locking the Oneseal Container Seal
Opening the Oneseal Container Seal   Opening
The seal is opened by a 24" bolt-cutter.

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