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•Dry Ice Insulated Shippers

Marathon Products Inc. Validated Insulated ShippingDeep Chill Validated Boxes

Validated Insulated Shipping Containers for the Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industries.

• Extend shipping times
• Expand to global markets
• Reduce dry ice and gel pack requirements
• Reduce package weight and size

The Deep Chill box is a total shipping system, designed to offer the ultimate in product protection and reach. Each component provides a unique layer of protection.


1/8" inner corrugated liner: Keeps payload from damaging VIP (Vacuum Insulation Panel) while in transit without sacrificing internal capacity.

1" wall vacuum insulation panel: The key insulating component. Provides average insulation value of R-30 per inch. The INSTILL* core, under vacuum, interrupts the "mean free path" of any heat transmitting molecules remaining in the panel. The gas impervious film sustains the required vacuum for the desired life of the panel. Desiccants in the panel protect the vacuum from any intrusion by water molecules.

1.5" wall of custom molded EPS: Protects vacuum panel from rigors of the shipping environment. Provides first layer of thermal protection. Provides average insulation value of R-4 per inch.

Outer corrugated shipper: Customize with your logo. Ample space for shipping labels and documents.

Deep Chill Graph
Model # Dimensions  QTY/PK 
69-9 DCS I.D. 9”H X 6”W X 8.5”D
O.D 12.5”H X 9.75”W X 12”D
Out of Stock
61-5 DCS I.D. 9.75”H X 9.75”W X 9.5”D
O.D 15.5”H X 15.5”W X 15”D
49-9 DCS I.D. 19”H X 13”W X 13”D
O.D 24”H X 18”W X 17.875”D
Out of Stock

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