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•21CFR Part 11 Compliant Software

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21CFR Software for Regulatory Compliance--Marathon CRM Software

Meeting the FDA’s requirements for electronic records and electronic signatures used in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, our database and Customer Relationship Management Software has been designed for the biotech, medical, and pharmaceutical industries to comply with the Code of Federal Regulations Section 21 CFR Part 11 as required by the Food and Drug Administration.
Marathon 21 CFR DB validates data and works seamlessly with Marathon’s intelligent data collection devices. The software provides sophisticated data encryption and storage, administrative and multi-level user security profiles, and tools for manipulating and retrieving data. In conjunction with Marathon’s time and temperature data loggers, the software provides a complete analytical solution for quality assurance. Our industry focused approach benefits your operations even if your best practices do not require regulatory compliance.


• Password protection (up to 10 alpha-numeric characters).
• Unique user names, login names, and alpha-numeric passwords up to 10 characters. Users can never be deleted.
• Multiple levels of security privileges: system access can be customized for each user by the administrator.
• Encrypted Data means no risk of record alteration. Recorded files are encrypted to 128 bits or more in a RC4 variant. Recorded files are in binary, compressed and checksummed format proprietary to Marathon Products, Inc.
• Sort by dates, product codes, tracking numbers, shipper or any user-defined attribute to electronically manage your data.
• Microsoft Access Database: industry-standard format allows exporting to other databases. Complete and accurate electronic copies are available for reviewing the data, copying the raw data, exporting or printing into a “pdf “ format.

§ 11.10 Controls for closed systems
§ 11.30 Controls for open systems
§ 11.50 Signature manifestations
§ 11.70 Signature/record linking
§ 11.100 General requirements
§ 11.200 Electronic signature components and controls

• Secure computer generated, time-stamped run-time audit trail of authorship, signatures, detailed configuration changes, imports and exports, administrator activities, etc.
• Audit trails are embedded in the history file guaranteeing retention alongside the records and available for review/copying.
• A separate Audit log monitoring individual logins, is kept outside the Marathon 21 CFR DB™ program and can be deleted according to your Standard Operating Procedures.


• Signed records contain printed name, date, time and meaning. Meaning includes Reviewed and Declined Review, Approved and Declined Approved, Record Created and Record Imported. Signed authorization (authorship) and optional operator entered note. Name, time-stamp and meaning are all embedded in the binary format history file.


Microsoft Windows Operating Systems 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7 and 8 for client workstations. We recommend that the database software be installed on a Windows 2000 or 2003 server by your IS or IT department. All Marathon’s electronic temperature data loggers are backward compatible with the Marathon 21 CFR DB™ program.

We offer three different 21CFR Compliant Software Packages:

Full Database
Limited Edition
Read Only
21 CFR- Part 11 compliant
Secure database
Electronic signatures
Levels of access permission, privileges, and authorizaiton
to customize what the users can do
Audit trails
User names, login names & passwords
Password minimum number of characters and
expire interval
Record statistics & details
Customized data entries & queries
Microsoft Access database
Intelligent handling of time zones
Mean Kinetic Temperature
Export data to other 21CFR DB databases
Read logger
Logger initialization
Import record
Record search filter
Customized filter attributes
Record summary
Real time display
Number of users
5 users plus administrator
2 users plus administrator
2 users plus administrator
Number of locations
Multiple tracing option
Up to 120 traces
in one graph
1 trace by graph only
1 trace by graph only
21 CFR- Part 11 Compliance Report
A document reports how the 21CFR DB software addresses the 21 CFR part 11 Requirements
A document reports how
the 21CFR LE software addresses the 21 CFR part 11 Requirements
A document reports how the 21CFR LE software addresses the 21 CFR part 11 Requirements

  • Companies with one or multiple locations
  • Manage more than 100 records a year
  • Require more than 2 users
  • Require software validation documents in place for FDA inspections
  • Use programmable as well as single use units.
  • Companies with only one location
  • Manage less than 100 records a year
  • Require no more than 2 users
  • Write their own validation manual
  • Use programmable as well as single use units.
  • Locations that only receive units.
  • Read-only version.
    It cannot program loggers

Customer support & upgrades
2 years of customer
support, service packs and version upgrades (including enhancements). 90 day warranted satisfaction or full refund
1 year of customer support, service packs and version upgrades (including enhancements) 90 day warranted satisfaction or full refund
1 year of customer support, service packs and version upgrades (including enhancements) 90 day warranted satisfaction or full refund

Unlike our competition, this is not a web-based program. You do not have to conduct an extensive QA Audit to find out if the program is truly 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

For more information:

Please contact us for a live demonstration over the Internet.
Download a PDF of the 21CFR Product Brief.

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