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Marathon LoggerPulse ...an Enterprise Software Solution for managing the cold chain. BUY NOW - CALL 1-800-858-6872

Centralized Monitoring:

Our enterprise software is the ideal solution for managing and analyzing data from multiple data loggers from multiple locations.

NO LIMITS – Any location. Any time. Any users.


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  • 21CFR COMPLIANT: Controls for closed and open systems. Electronic audit trails for regulatory compliance. Electronic audit trails for regulatory compliance.
  • Location Independence: Data loggers located anywhere can be centrally managed and monitored.
  • Flexible Hosting Options: From single Windows PC to multiple servers in multiple locations; local in-house servers to cloud-based services.
  • Web-base Software: Means hassle-free deployment for access by an unlimited number of users with a standard web browser.
  • Dashboard Control: An intuitive and interactive dashboard makes it easy to view status, manage, and program multiple loggers with ease.
  • Alarm Notifications: Highly customizable alarm notifications ensure that the right people are alerted when loggers detect a problem. Alarm notifications can be sent as a phone call to land lines and mobile phones, as email to regular email accounts or to mobile phones as text messages.
  • Real-time Analytics: Multiple users can concurrently monitor data streamed in real-time from any number of loggers.
  • Real-time Data: Logger data can be displayed individually or aggregated.
  • Bulk Administration: Programming, starting and stopping hundreds of loggers can be done effortlessly from a single web page.
  • Concurrent & Secure Access: Enable multiple users to simultaneously perform analytics and administration functions while constraining actions based on permissions.
  • Audit Trail: Individual actions and exceptions are logged to the database for accountability and traceability. User notes are incorporated for explanation and follow up.
  • Historical Analytics: View aggregated logger data for any period in the past in graphical or tabular formats. Export to Microsoft Excel for further analysis and reporting.
  • Attribute Filters: A single click is all it takes to filter for specific status and conditions, e.g. Alarms.
  • Multi-Sensor Inputs: Temperature, Humidity, Vibration Monitoring, Electrical Power Consumption, CO2, N2, O2 (Pending).
  • Support for all popular browsers: Flexible, intuitive interface ensures that LoggerPulse will work the same way regardless of your business browser standard.

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