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Manufacturer and global supplier
of temperature data-collecting
devices used for documenting
products throughout the cold
chain. ISO 9001:2008 certified.


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•Support - Quick-Start Guides & Instruction

DOT Lithium Exemption Letter

RoHS, REACH, SVHC, Conflict Minerals Statement

ISO Certificate

Use the folllowing links to download a Quick Start Guide in PDF format:

Multi-Use Loggers

Reading the 2c\temp, 3c\temp, edl, edl-JR & edl-CO2 Quick Start Guide.

Programming the 2c\temp, 3c\temp & edl-CO2 Quick Start Guide.

microDL Quick Start Guide.

EZ Logger Quick Start Guide - initializating the logger

EZ Logger Quick Start Guide - Initializating and Reading the logger

EZ Logger Quick Start Guide - Reading the logger

MaxiLog Quick Start Guide

RF Wireless

EDL-RF2 EDL-M5 Quick Start Guide.

Ethernet & WiFi

EDL-Net Quick Start Guide.

EDL-WiFi Quick Start Guide.

EDL-8 WiFi Quick Start Guide.

Ethernet Quick Start Guide for DHCP Servers

Ethernet Quick Start Guide for Non-DHCP Servers

MaxiThermal USB

MaxiThermal Software Quick Start Guide

Use the following links for troubleshooting and Software FAQs:

21CFR Software

Wireless Products

Software FAQs


c\temp-LCD Features & Benefits. 1:06

21CFR - LE EZ Logger. 3:33

EZ Logger - Reading the Logger. 2:13

EZ Logger - Quick Start Initialization. 2.03

microDL- Quick Start Initialization. 4:40

microDL - Reading the Logger. 5:57

microDL - Reading the Logger: example 2. 5:58

EDL-M5, EDL-RF2 - Reading the Logger. 4.59

EDL-8 WiFi - Reading the logger. 1:45

EDL-8 WiFi - Initializing the logger. 3:39

EDL-8 WiFi - Using the logger. 5:27

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